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These Celebrities are Keeping Process Servers Busy!

Some celebrities have a tendency to get themselves into legal trouble, and the process servers responsible for serving their papers often stay very busy!

Movie star Shia LaBeouf, for instance, is now being sued for $5 million after calling a bartender “racist” for not serving him at a bar. Bartender David Bernstein is suing LaBeouf for defamation, character assassination, and assault due to the backlash he has received for denying LaBeouf his drink on the grounds of already being too intoxicated. According to Bernstein’s attorney, Bernstein has “experienced significant emotional distress, anxiety and fear” since the incident, and he is now called “the racist bartender” by LaBeouf’s fans. Continue reading

The Future of Process Servers in Georgia is Now in Jeopardy

Over the past ten years, private and professional process servers have become a popular alternative to county sheriffs for lawyers and others who need to serve court papers quickly and efficiently. Professional process servers are known for being dedicated to their responsibilities, even in the most difficult service situations. Unlike sheriffs, who are overwhelmed by countless other legal tasks, process servers are able to focus entirely on providing clients with fast and effective service of process.

Many sheriffs in Georgia are pushing back against the growth of process servers in their state, and the controversy has now been sent to the Georgia Supreme Court for a decision.

A Sheriffs’ Conspiracy? Continue reading

Chris Brown’s Legal Woes Continue, but he Can’t Avoid Process Servers Forever

Chris Brown just can’t seem to keep his name out of the news. Brown transformed from idolized pop star to infamous celebrity after he brutally assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Now, 8 years later, Brown is facing more legal trouble regarding his behavior in his relationships. Karrueche Tran, Brown’s girlfriend of four years, filed court documents in February 2017 accusing Brown of abusing her and threatening to kill her after the two broke up.

Since Tran is seeking legal protection from Brown, a process server must legally serve Brown with a summons and other court documents to inform him of the court proceedings. However, it seems that Brown is doing his best to avoid and evade the process server that has been assigned to his case. Tan’s original restraining order hearing was scheduled for March 29, 2017 and then rescheduled since Brown had yet to take receipt of the official court documents. The new court date, April 19, 2017, was just recently postponed for the same reason. Continue reading

Don’t Make These Mistakes When a Process Server Knocks on Your Door

Receiving legal papers is rarely a joyous or exciting occasion, which explains why so many people react poorly to the sight of a process server standing at their door. The arrival of a process server indicates that the recipient has become embroiled in some type of legal matter, whether it be a judgment for debt, a divorce, or a home foreclosure. It’s certainly hard to cope with these types of negative events, and many people forget the old adage “don’t shoot the messenger” when a process server arrives on their doorstep.

One South Florida woman, for example, barricaded herself in her home and called 911 when a process server provided her with eviction papers as the result of a recent divorce. However, even though she called the police herself, the woman made threats that she would shoot if police responded to the scene. She went as far as to claim that she would blow up the house if forced into an eviction. Fortunately, the police were able to resolve the conflict and take the unnamed woman into police custody, but the situation could have turned out very differently. Continue reading

Everything You Never Knew about Service of Process

process server 3You’ve heard the phrase, “You’ve been served!” but do you know all of the legal technicalities behind that phrase? It’s called service of process, and it’s a critical component to the beginning of any civil lawsuit. You never know when service of process will impact your life, so it’s important to understand the basics.

What Is Service of Process?

Service of process is the first and foremost requirement to commence a lawsuit because it is the process of informing the other parties of their involvement via the formal delivery of papers like complaints and motions. Service of process also legally establishes which court has jurisdiction over the case. For instance, if Peter was injured in a car accident because another driver on the road named Jenna crossed into his lane while she was texting on her phone, Peter could sue Jenna for negligence. He would begin this process by filing to have Jenna served a summons and complaint of the lawsuit. Continue reading

The Key to Landlord Tenant Disputes

evictionProblems between landlords and tenants are never pleasant, but strategically using a process server in such a situation can help to make it all a bit easier. This is especially true for landlords dealing with problematic tenants who are involved in illegal activities, violating lease terms, refusing to pay rent, or committing other undesirable actions.

Get Help From a Process Server

If you have exhausted all of your options as a landlord to resolve the problems caused by your tenant, you have the legal right to evict your tenant for failing to follow the terms of his lease. However, eviction does require court documents. The first step is providing the tenant with a written notice that serves as a warning, and that warning can be utilized in court proceedings to support your case if needed. Delivering the warning via a process server is far more efficient and reliable than sending it through the mail or placing it through your tenant’s door. It not only shows that you are serious about the eviction, but also makes your case more trustworthy in court. Continue reading

More Social Media Apps are Court Approved to Serve Papers

social-mediaIn 2016 alone, judges made major headlines by announcing their approval of requests to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to serve papers. This is an enormous change from the traditional rules of service of process that require papers to be served in person. Though social media utilization is still limited to only a handful of situations, process servers in Singapore have now been granted permission to move beyond Facebook and Twitter and into the realm of WhatsApp.

The Changing Nature of Social Media Continue reading

Chris Brown Continues His Legal Trouble with Process Servers

chris-brownChris Brown is a talented singer, but he has also gained an unfortunate reputation for his tendency to collide on the wrong side of the law. In fact, the troubled R&B star is known just as much for his music as for the fact that he physically assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. In addition to jail time, community service, and social media conflicts, Brown has also made enemies with the process servers tasked with serving the papers for his various lawsuits.

Mike G was hired as Chris Brown’s manager in 2009 to help improve his public image after the Rihanna attack, but Mike G has filed his own lawsuit against Brown based on accusations of more violence. According to the celebrity information site TMZ, Mike G tells of a drug-fueled Brown brutally attacking him with punches to the face and neck in May 2016. Continue reading

The Important Elements of Due Process

50158822 - render illustration of due process title on legal documentsWe are are familiar with the term “due process,” but could we explain it in detail? Due process stands as the foundation of our country and judicial system, so it’s important to understand its functions. According to due process, states must respect the legal rights owed to each American citizen. This balances the power of law and protects individual people from being abused by that power.

The History of Due Process

The concept of due process actually originates nearly 2,000 years ago to the Magna Carta, which was issued in 1215 by John of England. He promised, “No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.” Continue reading

A Reminder of How Not to Act After Being Served

46967807 - protester with a poster no pop art retro style. the concept of policy disagreement the wrath of the angry citizens

Receiving papers from a process server can be an emotional experience. Any number of things might be contained in that stack of papers, from a divorce to a bankruptcy or ugly lawsuit. Most process servers will report that delivering papers rarely makes the recipients happy, but it’s a necessary component of the judicial process. Some people accept their papers quietly and head inside to deal with their emotions, others ignore the papers and hope the problem will simply disappear, and certain people respond with impulsive violence.

The news is often filled with stories of men and women going after process servers with rocks, fists, or even guns, but few stories chronicle how the recipient of legal papers might hurt himself instead. Sadly, a man in Billings, Montana shot himself at his home on Parkhill Drive back in June after being served papers from civil deputies. Continue reading