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Civil Litigation

Do You Need Representation as the Plaintiff or Defendant?

Civil litigation commonly involves debt settlement, discrimination, personal injury, alimony, and other issues that are non-criminal. If you file the lawsuit, you are the plaintiff seeking some form of compensation. If you are filed against, you are the defendant and will be responsible for proving your innocence.

As the Plaintiff, you are the person who feels wronged and must initiate all actions to propel the lawsuit forward. Your civil attorney will draft the requisite documents and turn to a private service processer to serve papers to your opposing party. By serving the papers, the court can establish jurisdiction and ensure that the defendant is properly notified of all legal proceedings.  

As the Defendant, it is on you to prove the lawsuit is incorrect or unjust. You need to hire a defense attorney and prove that the plaintiff’s allegations are wrong. Your defense attorney will need to hire a process server in the Jacksonville, Florida area to serve records subpoenas in order to gain access to the documents that will help your case.

Whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant, there are a few things that don’t change. You definitely need an attorney fighting in your court, and you need a reliable process sever to handle all legal paper delivery. At Accurate Serve in Jacksonville, this is our specialty. We are experts in serving civil process whether it be the initial summons and complaint on behalf of the plaintiff or subpoenas in order to help the defense. We know what we’re doing and we will be sure your papers are served efficiently.