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“Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best, and divorce lawyers see good people at their worst.”

Crime exists no matter where you go, but it becomes much more significant when you are the one being accused of the crime. Whether it was stealing or violence that got you into trouble, you can work to avoid jail by hiring a competent attorney to prove your innocence. Ask for referrals and check clerk websites to see who represents people in similar cases to ensure you hire the best of the best.

Criminal litigation also involves an incredible amount of paperwork that needs to be served to each party in the case. We are here in Jacksonville to support your attorney in his or her efforts to serve papers in adherence to strict protocols and regulations. We are especially familiar with serving criminal witness subpoenas to ensure that the witnesses who can support your innocence do indeed show up for their day in court.

With so many complexities guaranteed in criminal litigation, trust our Jacksonville Accurate Serve to do the job the right way.