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Eviction Summons

The Florida Eviction Process

With Florida unemployment still hovering above seven percent, landlords are often faced with the unpleasant task of evicting once-dependable tenants for non-payment of rent. They may also need to remove tenants who are violating other lease stipulations.Regardless of the cause, evictions must go through a process that is standard throughout the state, though different cities may have different rules regarding landlord/tenant rights.

In general, the state provides for a three-day and a seven-day eviction notice, depending on the type of lease infraction.

• Three-Day Evictions – These evictions are used in cases of non-payment of rent.
• Seven-Day Evictions – Such evictions are for other violations such as unauthorized pets or criminal activity.

Similar to the foreclosure process, landlords must file a complaint with the clerk of the court’s office and then arrange for the tenant to be served a summons or notification that action is being taken against them.

This is a process in which Accurate Serve of Jacksonville specializes. Its efficiency and professionalism can help avoid unnecessary delays that might arise if the service is left to the schedules of harried deputies.

If the tenant can’t be found, a notice of service is posted on the property and the clerk of the court will send additional notification by certified mail. The defendant has five days to answer and contest the action in court. If the landlord is successful, a default judgment is awarded and the tenant is given 24 hours to vacate or face physical removal by deputies.