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Keeping Up Appearances

Living in a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) means that you have certain rules and guidelines to follow. Even the smallest details, like the color of your backyard fence, could be dictated by your HOA. While these small points of control sometimes cause conflict, the concept of an HOA is wise: establish a list of guidelines to be followed by the community. For example…

DO… Bring your trash up and down the driveway in a timely manner.

DO… Keep your yard trimmed, mowed, and landscaped.

DON’T… Treat your basement like a major party central every night.

DON’T… Blatantly breach the HOA guidelines.

Some HOAs are more diligent about enforcing their rules than others, so be mindful. If trouble arises for the homeowner or the HOA, contact an attorney who handles these matters to discuss your legal options.

Be sure to ask your attorney to use Accurate Serve in Jacksonville for any process serving needs required for the impending legal action. We are HOA experts and know exactly how to serve papers around all of Florida.