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How to Serve Divorce Papers Over State Lines


If you are filing for divorce, there are many things that can come up to delay your case. One of the obstacles that some people face in their divorce proceedings is when your spouse lives in another state. Delivering divorce papers across state lines is not impossible, but takes an experienced and dedicated process server to get the job done.

Service by Publication

In some cases, you may be able to serve notice of the divorce by publication. This is essentially taking out an ad in the newspaper local to where your spouse lives. When process service is not feasible due to distance, service by publication offers you a way to continue on with the divorce case. However, some judges will not allow service by publication unless other avenues have already been exhausted.

Problems with Sheriffs

Often, a sheriff can be used to serve divorce papers. There are some problems that arise with this process when the person to be served is across state lines. Some local sheriff’s departments will not serve papers for other states. The sheriff in your county is not able to serve papers across state lines, even if the border of your state is within just a few miles.

Hiring a Process Server

Hiring a private process server is the best way to serve divorce papers across state lines. Process servers must be certified by the state that they work in. If you live in Florida and your spouse is in another state, we have a network of process servers we can contact to help you get papers served. If you live in another state and your spouse lives in Florida, contact us today to get your papers delivered to your spouse and move your case forward.