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Claims Made by Multiple Parties

A Complaint for Interpleader is more common than you might think. This civil procedure allows a plaintiff to begin a lawsuit for the purpose of compelling multiple other parties to litigate a dispute. This may sound vague, but it’s commonly used to resolve insurance contract problems that occur when one person (the stakeholder) holds property (the res) on behalf of another person, but isn’t sure to whom the property rightfully belongs.

During an Interpleader case, all parties with a legitimate interest (the claimants) in the property become involved in the civil litigation to determine who is awarded the res. This is a great procedure because it removes liability from the stakeholder and allows the court to handle the final decision.

Since this is a special area of law, you will need the right counsel to appropriately handle it. Make sure your attorney in the Jacksonville area uses Accurate Serve for their service of process needs throughout the interpleader.