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Reasons to Become a Process Server

If you’re looking for a job that can always take you to new places, becoming a process server might be for you. While you probably won’t get to dress up in crazy disguises, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Flexible schedule

Skip the traditional 9 to 5 and go with a schedule that is customized to fit your lifestyle. Up with the sunrise? That’s great. Not a morning person? No problem. Process servers work day and night, weekdays and weekends. 

Job security

Service of process is such a vital part of the legal system that it is even mentioned in the United States Constitution! All Americans have the right to due process, including being notified in a timely manner when they are expected in court. Since service of process applies in almost every court case in the country, process servers will be relevant for the foreseeable future.

Job variety

If the thought of being stuck in a cubicle all day makes you want to scream, serving process might be a great fit for you. As a process server, you’ll constantly be visiting new places to find targets. Explore your city and find hidden gems you never knew existed. Targets avoiding service may require further reconnaissance or even a stakeout, a far cry different from anything you’ll ever experience sitting behind a desk.

Free up law enforcement time

Other than private, certified process servers, only sheriff’s deputies may serve process in Florida. However, police officers deal with life or death situations daily, and may not have time to serve the process in your case before the deadline. This could force the entire case to be rescheduled! Becoming a private process server will allow you to pick up gigs that would otherwise use up valuable police time.

At Accurate Serve in Jacksonville, our process servers enjoy interesting work that’s flexible and lucrative. Join our team of certified process servers and become an integral part of our state’s judicial system. Visit www.accurateservejax.com/contact for more information and to contact us today.