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Reasons to Use a Process Server Over the Sheriff

Whether you need to serve divorce papers or a lawsuit, it is important to consider the different ways you can move your case along. The automatic assumption is that you should just let the sheriff’s office handle service, but there is a better option. There are a lot of great reasons to consider using a private process server for your case.

Speed of Service

The sheriff’s department handles quite a bit, from law enforcement to transport of prisoners. Service of process is not close to their main priority. Because of this, service can take quite some time before it is completed. This is especially true if the individual being served is not home when service is attempted.

Repeat Attempts

The sheriff’s department may make more than one attempt to serve process, but they are likely not going to try as many times as a private process server. In addition, a private process server usually charges a set price, while the sheriff’s department may tack on additional fees each time they attempt service.

Higher Chance of Success

Because sheriff’s departments do not attempt service as many times as a private process servers, the private server will naturally have a higher chance of success. The sheriff might make a good faith attempt at service, but if they fail they are not likely to think much more about it. A private process server is only as good as their reputation, and they’ll do what it takes to serve successfully.

Another advantage of private process servers is that they will take special requests from you as to when and where to serve. If you know for certain when the individual to be served will be home or at work, you can submit that information to the private process server and they can use it to serve quickly. The sheriff’s department doesn’t take such requests, because they only serve papers as they have time to do so.

If you have a case that requires service, consider contacting us for more information. With reasonable rates and a high success rate, we will be able to help move your case to the next stage.