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Skip Traces for Process Serving

The Skip Trace

A Skip Trace is a basic investigative trace of a person. In fact, a Skip Trace should be part of any Diligent Search undergone in the state of Florida, so ask your attorney or private investigator to please include a Skip Trace no matter what.

Who is Qualified to Perform a Skip Trace?

A Skip Trace can be performed by an official body like a law firm or private investigator.

What Does it Include?

A Skip Trace includes a comprehensive report, detailing important information about the individual.

Property Owned
Criminal Reports
Current Address(es)
Past Addresses – Often used for possible tenants and roommates.
Business Associates
Phone Numbers
Email Addresses
Driving Record – Including any applicable car accidents.
And More.

If you need to put your trust in someone, when there is doubt, it’s best to find out! With Skip Traces it’s so easy to put your mind at ease.