Jacksonville (904) 735-7810
Orange Park (904) 579-2232
St. Augustine (904) 671-8482

Terms & Conditions

Our rates are fair and not outlandish. Pre-payment is awesome, especially if you have never used our services. We are able to keep our rates low by having our Clients pre-pay or pay in a timely manner. If you are not required to pre-pay, due to an established business relationship, we expect to receive full payment for our services within 30 days of service. This is more than reasonable.If you decide to wait 90 days before paying an invoice, we will add a $5 late/administrative fee every 30 days.  Easily avoid late fees by paying your bills on time.

We happily accept credit cards, look up and to the right a bit.  We also accept checks, so please mail payment to the below address:

Jacksonville Office:
Accurate Serve®
4446 Hendricks Avenue, Suite 207
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Orange Park Office:
Accurate Serve®
410 Blanding Blvd. #201
Orange Park, FL 32073
St. Augustine Office:
Accurate Serve®
3501-B Ponce de Leon Blvd. #155
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Address & Attempts

If we have to go to several locations, there will be extra fees. We don’t like charging for second addresses but then again we don’t like running all over town and not getting compensated for our time and efforts. Try to give us the best address for service, so we can serve the defendant faster and at a lesser cost to the Client.

Refund is not a word in our vocabulary. Once you hire us and send us work, we go to work. We are disinterested parties. If you need someone served and hire us, we’ll get it done. If after a week of trying, you want to cancel service, we have already spent hours or more of our time trying to serve the party, so we will never give a refund.

These terms are straight forward and quite reasonable. Please view the entire website. If you hire us, you agree to comply to these best practices.

Double Beef, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® of Jacksonville and Winston Honore Holdings, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.


Our Process

You may be wondering, what’s included in that rate? Do you charge for gas or mileage? Do you charge for every attempt made? No and No. Our rates include mileage and four attempts of service. Of those 4 attempts, we will be sure to try an early morning attempt, a late evening attempt and a Saturday attempt. The 4th attempt is usually indicative on what we noticed on our previous attempts. If you know the party to be served works days and night time is best, please let us know that at the time you send us the service.Once you hire Accurate Serve as your service of process provider, you will be set up to receive automated email notifications. There will be 3 types of notifications you will receive:

  1. If a paper is attempted but not served, you will receive a status report
  2. Once a paper is served, you will receive a copy of the signed Affidavit or Return of Service (ROS)
  3. Once a paper is served, you will receive an invoice for services rendered

We pride ourselves in our Rush service. A Rush fee is twice the normal fee but it gets our full attention. Let’s say you have a Hearing that day at 3:30 pm. You contact us at 12:00 pm. We will do our best to get the party served in those few hours and we will also email you a copy of the signed ROS so it can be e-filed before the Hearing. We’re awesome at what we do, let us prove ourselves!!!!

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