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The Benefits of Using a Process Server for Your Legal Business

handshakeFor most legal businesses and collection companies there are times when cases arise that are not in your immediate local area. When it comes time to serve the individuals who live in another area it may be difficult to have someone on your staff away for a day or two in order to do this. This is one of the reasons that using a process server for your legal business can be very beneficial.

When process serving was first introduced, only agents of the court, sheriffs and deputies could perform the action. However, this became quite a burden for law enforcement so the laws were changed. Today, in most states anyone who is over the age of 18 and does not have anything to do with the case may be used to serve process papers.

As a legal firm, hiring a random person of the street to serve your papers is not typically recommended. A process server is a person that has been trained to perform these tasks efficiently and correctly. Hiring a process server will ensure that all of your documents are handled correctly and that they are served to the right person in a timely fashion.

Legal process servers will deliver the documents to the individual or defendant that is listed on the document. Once these documents have been delivered to the right person they will provide an affidavit of service or a proof of service. This document will be notarized and provided to the legal business that has requested the service.

Using a local process server can be extremely beneficial. This will take the pressure off of the business to serve papers as the company will provide the service. This means that you can focus on your business and relax knowing that your papers are being served in a timely fashion.