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The Need for Process Servers to Embrace the Digital Age

Process service used to be a straightforward business. The process server would have information about the person’s place of employment and residence, and would go there to try to serve the papers. Everything has traditionally been done on paper, with a definitive paper trail to prove that papers were served appropriately. In today’s society, however, there are some very good reasons for process servers to embrace the digital age.

Skip Trace

Any process server who is persistent in getting the job done knows how to use a skip trace to locate individuals to be served. Often, the information that is given for employment or residence doesn’t lead to served papers. People move, change jobs, or avoid service. A skip trace locates these individuals at their place of employment or new residence. This is largely done through online services.

Social Media

Social media is being increasingly used as a tool for process servers. Many people have public profiles that allow process servers to easily learn their place of employment, city of residence, or even where they will be when. Some states have also begun to allow service via social media when other forms of service are impossible.

GPS Data

GPS data is a great way to prove that papers were served when and where the process server records. New York has recently passed legislation that all process servers must use GPS data to prove service. This is a new trend that is likely to sweep the nation in short order. It is important that process servers keep up with the changing times and use smart devices that are able to use this important type of documentation.

If you are looking for process servers that make excellent use of technology in their process, contact us today for more information. Our process servers are trained and educated in the various ways that technology and digital information can be used and accessed to serve papers in Florida.