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The Rules Process Servers Must Follow

Following the rules is extremely important for process servers in Florida. Making a mistake while serving process can derail your firm’s entire case. Consequences can range from a simple date rescheduled all the way to a case dismissal. 

Not following the rules damages the reputation of both the process server and the attorney. Total case expenses will skyrocket as documents will need to be reserved and dates will be pushed back. The entire flow of a court case is dependent on a reliable service of process!

Process servers must learn all of the rules relevant to the service of process to become a certified special process server in Duval County. 

Certification Rules

All process servers in Duval County, which includes Jacksonville, must be approved by the local sheriff to serve process. No new applications are being taken at this time by the Jacksonville Sheriff, only renewal applications from already approved servers. A renewal involves:

  • A detailed application review
  • Recommendation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office
  • A background and criminal history check
  • Attending required training
  • Signing a legally binding agreement with the sheriff’s department about what you can and can not do as a special process server

Failure to meet any of these requirements will lead to disqualification as a process server until all of the requirements are met.

If a process server works without completing the annual renewal procedure as outlined by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, all processes they serve are invalid. Anyone who paid for their services will need to hire a certified special process server to re-serve all of their case’s processes, which causes unnecessary delays, confusion, and extra expenses.

On The Job Rules

Once a process server is certified, they will need to follow those process server laws they learned every single day when working. Their clients’ cases literally depend on how closely they adhere to all process server laws. In Duval County, special process servers must:

  • Not be involved in any case in which they serve process
  • Be honest
  • Never be threatening or abusive
  • Never trespass
  • Only serve process Monday through Saturday as serving on Sunday is prohibited
  • Notify employers before attempting to serve a person at their workplace
  • Never attempt to serve a business owner at their place of business outside of their normal hours of operation
  • Only serve process to the named recipient in-person unless alternative service has been approved by a judge

Process server laws are dynamic and often up for interpretation, especially around the use of technology in service. Process servers must adapt to whatever situation is thrown at them, and this is where experience becomes a major advantage. At Accurate Serve® of Jacksonville, our team of skilled process servers think fast, follow all of the rules, and uphold every case’s integrity. If you are in the Jax metro area and need reliable special process servers, call (904) 735-7810 or submit a service request online today!