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Three Day Notices

When a property manager is in a situation with tenants who fail to pay rent, or are always late with rent payments, they are within their rights to evict them. A common form of eviction notice is the three day notice, and property managers can use this notification to evict tenants who do not uphold lease agreements to make room for others who will.

If when inspecting a property the management feels a tenant has treated the property poorly, or in a way that is unfit, they also have the right to use the three day notice to evict these tenants. Removal of tenants due to lack of respect for property is a very common use of the three day notice eviction notification.

Benefits of the Three Day Notice

The three day notice is a form of eviction notification which usually comes before the final eviction notice, and is a fully legal way for property managers to get rid of tenants who do not make good on leasing agreements to make room for other occupants who will. Some of the biggest advantages to these notices are:

Fast removal of tenants not paying rent to avoid more income loss for property managers
Property managers can not be drawn into a lawsuit from tenants due to three day notices
The notice affords the evicted tenants enough time to make new arrangements

The actual serving of the three day notice is a simple process that is invaluable to property managers everywhere.

How To Serve a Three Day Notice

The professionals here at Accurate Serve Jacksonville can help you serve three day notice notifications to unfit tenants all over the area. We guarantee prompt and accurate service with every three day notice job we take on in the area.