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Three Reasons Process Servers are Important to the Legal World

Private process servers are often not given much credit. In fact, most people do not ever think about private process servers at all, unless they have their own court case or are served themselves. Even the legal professionals often do not give process servers any more thought than a clerk or administrative employee. Yet private process servers are extremely important to the legal world, and it would come to a stop without them.

Ensure Proper and Legal Service

You cannot sue someone or file a case against them without notifying them of that case. That is really what service of process is all about. It’s about giving individuals the due process that they have by constitutional right. In order for service of process to be proper and legal, delivery of the court papers or summons must be done according to several laws and regulations. Private process servers devote their time to staying up-to-date on these rules.

Find People Quickly

If you want to file a court case against someone, you have to first be able to find them. You cannot sue someone without notifying them of the lawsuit, and that means figuring out how to find them so that they can be served. While a sheriff’s department does handle service of process, they will not try to hunt people down for service. Private process servers make this part of their job.

Protect You From Violence

Can you imagine delivering court papers yourself or having your attorney deliver them? Some people are not happy about being served, and they sometimes take it out physically or aggressively against the person delivering the unhappy news. Private process servers are trained to handle this aggression, and it protects you from having to deal with the situation personally.

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