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What Role Do Process Servers Play in the Court System?

Most people have heard of process servers, even those who have never had a personal experience with them, but many people do not realize what an important role process servers play in the court system. Without process servers, the entire structure of the legal system and the preservation of constitutional rights would crumble.

What Does a Process Server Do?

A process server does more than just hand deliver documents to individuals and companies. They are much more than curriers. A process server ensures that all parties to a court case are notified of the case and their responsibilities for court appearances and process. When you file a court case, such as a lawsuit or divorce, the other person named in the case must be notified. This notification has to be documented and proven to the court.

What Constitutional Rights Are Protected?

Process servers actually do a lot to protect your constitutional rights. Every American citizen has a right to defend themselves in court. This doesn’t just apply to criminal matters. Any matter, criminal or civil, must provide you with the opportunity to be fully aware of the case against you and argue against it. Protecting this constitutional right to due process is the entire reason that process servers exist.

Protecting Your Rights

By properly serving court documents, process servers protect your rights every day. Even if you are on the plaintiff or petitioner side of a case, you should want everyone’s constitutional rights to be protected. In addition, protecting these rights ensures that court decisions will not be overturned later.

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