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What to Look for in a Process Server

Brennan FogartyWhen it comes to delivering legal documents regarding a case of importance to you or your business, you cannot leave the delivery to chance. Sheriffs are historically in charge of completing service of process.

Still, private process servers have become far more common over the last ten years to provide faster and more reliable service than any sheriff can offer while still attending to his many other responsibilities. 

As you search for the right process server to handle your case, keep these important qualities in mind. 


Of course, you want to hire a process server who has widespread experience serving not just your local area but the country and even international locations as well. 

Don’t be tempted to save $50 or $100 by choosing an inexperienced server; the chances are that your papers won’t be delivered successfully or properly, and you’ll be wishing you had paid the extra money to alleviate the headaches that ineffective service caused. 

Accredited and Insured

Each state has its own regulations that allow a process server to become legitimately titled. In Florida, look for a process server that is an AFPS (Accredited Florida Process Server) to ensure that he is trained and involved in the larger service of process community. Ask about insurance as well, since process serving doesn’t always go smoothly. 

Advanced Technology

In today’s day and age, a phone number and address are hardly the only forms of contact available to find a specific person. Make sure that the process server of your choice is practiced in using technology like skip trace and diligent searches to extract all potential information regarding a recipient. This will increase your chances of your papers being served appropriately, even if the person in question is working very hard to remain hidden. 

As long as you trust your service of process to a process server with these qualifications, your legal process will be considerably easier and far less miserable! 

For more information about the service of process, or to find a reputable process server for your own legal needs, contact Accurate Serve Jacksonville. The accredited process servers at Accurate Serve have been meeting the needs of legal professionals and individuals throughout Florida since 2009 and can surely help you with whatever issues you are currently facing.