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Why Are Process Servers Essential in the Legal Process?

Process servers make sure legal summons, complaints, notices, subpoenas, and more make it to the correct destination. More than your average delivery driver, process servers are often sworn to perform their jobs honestly and in compliance with state and local laws. 

But why can’t just anyone serve process? Private process servers in Florida must complete training, pass an exam, and demonstrate continued proficiency in state laws governing service of process. They also undergo extensive background checks, including their criminal history. Some places have even more requirements for process servers, such as recommendation letters or surety bonds. Only those who meet all the rigorous requirements will be approved by a judge to serve process, and only in that judicial circuit. The only other entity approved to serve process in Florida is the county sheriff’s office. Process service is so vital our state will not entrust it to just anyone.

Process servers perform an essential function of the legal system by:

  • Upholding and enforcing your constitutional right of due process, guaranteed to US citizens in our Constitution.
  • Compliantly serving process so that no party can claim improper service as grounds for dismissal.
  • Helping eliminate delays in the case by quickly locating the target party and serving process, saving time and money.
  • Freeing up Sheriff’s office time and resources for more pressing matters. Sheriff’s offices are often overwhelmed with work in criminal investigations and have little time left over for serving process. Finding the defendant or witness in your case may be pretty low on the priority list.
  • Providing customer service and giving frequent updates to the hiring firm. Since the Sheriff’s office has so much other stuff going on at any given time, they will likely not provide frequent updates, if any. They are not in the business of customer service, and your questions and concerns about your case may go unheeded.
  • Focusing specifically on service of process. Sheriff deputies must remember many different laws, making them more prone to make a mistake while serving process. Since errors in service can get your case dismissed, you want your process handled by a dedicated private process server that deals with these rules and laws daily.

Process servers keep the legal system running by making sure people are aware when they need to show up at court. Whether you’re a plaintiff, attorney, defendant, witness, expert, or other case stakeholders, process service will be a vital part of your legal journey. Call Accurate Serve in Jacksonville for reliable, fast, and knowledgeable process service for all your firm’s cases.