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What You Should Do If You Are Serving Divorce Papers

Divorce is a sensitive and emotionally charged subject. As process servers, we play a crucial role in ensuring that the legal proceedings are carried out smoothly and professionally. At Accurate Serve in Jacksonville, FL, we understand the gravity of the situation and take special care when serving divorce papers. Here are some key considerations that we always keep in mind.

Be Honest

Transparency is the cornerstone of any legal process, and serving divorce papers is no exception. When we approach the individual to be served, we make it clear who we are and why we are there. There’s no room for ambiguity; the recipient must know that they are receiving legal documents. This not only fulfills our legal obligation but also establishes a level of trust, however minimal, in a situation that is often fraught with tension.

Be Discreet

While honesty is crucial, so is discretion. Divorce is a private matter, and it’s our job to keep it that way. We aim to serve papers without drawing unnecessary attention or causing embarrassment to the parties involved. Whether we are serving papers at a residence, workplace, or public location, we conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and discretion to ensure the process is as unobtrusive as possible.

Be Careful

Serving divorce papers can sometimes be a volatile situation. Emotions run high, and reactions can be unpredictable. At Accurate Serve, we prioritize the safety of all parties involved, including our process servers. We assess the situation carefully before proceeding and are trained to handle various scenarios that may arise. If we sense that the environment is unsafe or confrontational, we take appropriate steps to de-escalate the situation while still fulfilling our legal obligations.

Trust Accurate Serve to Handle Your Divorce Process Service

At Accurate Serve, we understand that divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. That’s why we take special care to handle each case with the honesty, discretion, and care it deserves. If you’re in need of process service, document retrieval, skip trace, or diligent search services in the Jacksonville, Orange Park, or St. Augustine areas, we’re here to help. Feel free to call us at (904) 735-7810 or send a work request online for all your process service needs.