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Don’t Make These Mistakes When a Process Server Knocks on Your Door

Receiving legal papers is rarely a joyous or exciting occasion, which explains why so many people react poorly to the sight of a process server standing at their door. The arrival of a process server indicates that the recipient has become embroiled in some type of legal matter, whether it be a judgment for debt, a divorce, or a home foreclosure. It’s certainly hard to cope with these types of negative events, and many people forget the old adage “don’t shoot the messenger” when a process server arrives on their doorstep.

One South Florida woman, for example, barricaded herself in her home and called 911 when a process server provided her with eviction papers as the result of a recent divorce. However, even though she called the police herself, the woman made threats that she would shoot if police responded to the scene. She went as far as to claim that she would blow up the house if forced into an eviction. Fortunately, the police were able to resolve the conflict and take the unnamed woman into police custody, but the situation could have turned out very differently.

Even Michael Ray Stevenson, the 27-year-old rapper known as Tyga, fell into the trap of taking his anger out on the process server. Tyga was recently accused of allowing his team to beat the man who served his court papers in November 2016. At the time, a process server named Adam Harari handed Tyga his papers as he walked into the Penthouse club in West Hollywood for his birthday party. Harari later claimed that he was “immediately swarmed…grabbed, yanked, pulled and choked.”

Ironically, in his quest to avoid being served legal papers, Tyga caused himself to receive even more papers, because Harari is now suing Tyga for unspecified damages due to being “harmed in his mind, body and spirit, suffering emotional and physical harm, as well as harm to his reputation.”

Regardless of the situation, hurting, blaming, or assaulting the process server who delivers your papers is never the answer. The process server is merely a messenger with no control over or input into your legal situation, and harming him or her will simply only add to your legal woes. For more information about service of process, or to find a reputable process server for your own legal needs, contact Accurate Serve Jacksonville at 904-735-7810. The accredited process servers at Accurate Serve have been meeting the needs of legal professionals and individuals since 2009, and can surely help you with whatever issues you are currently facing.