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Top 10 Ways a Great Process Server Makes Life Easier

A competent process server can be the linchpin in ensuring that the judicial system operates smoothly. Accurate Serve® of Jacksonville, Florida, with satellite offices in Orange Park and St. Augustine, understands the critical role that process servers play in the legal process. Serving Duval, Clay, St. Johns, and Putnam counties, Accurate Serve® offers a range of services including process service, document retrieval, skip tracing, and diligent searches. Here are the top 10 ways a great process server can make your life easier.

1. Timely Service of Process

Florida Statute 48.021 outlines the timeframes and methods for serving papers. A great process server ensures that all documents are served within these legal timeframes, thereby avoiding delays in your case.

2. Knowledge of Local Laws

In Duval and St. Joh’s counties, all process servers must be approved by the county Sheriff’s office, while in Clay and Putnam counties, they are appointed by a judge. A knowledgeable process server is aware of these local regulations and complies with them meticulously.

3. Efficient Document Retrieval

Whether it’s retrieving court documents or other legal papers, a proficient process server can save you time and energy by handling these tasks efficiently.

4. Expertise in Skip Tracing

Sometimes, individuals go to great lengths to avoid being served. A skilled process server uses advanced skip-tracing techniques to locate such individuals.

5. Diligent Searches

When the person to be served cannot be located, a diligent search is conducted. This ensures that all avenues are explored before moving to the next legal step.

6. Affidavit of Service

Once the service is completed, a great process server provides an Affidavit of Service, which is a legally binding document proving that the papers were served.

7. Use of Technology

Modern process servers use technology like GPS and online databases to make their work more efficient, ensuring quicker service. At Accurate Serve, we’ve incorporated technology into our systems by allowing our clients to check on the status of their case, 24/7, using our online status tracker available right on our website.

8. Confidentiality

A professional process server understands the importance of confidentiality in legal matters and ensures that all information is handled discreetly.

9. Flexibility

Whether it’s serving papers on weekends or during odd hours, a dedicated process server is flexible and accommodates your specific needs.

10. Peace of Mind

Knowing that a competent professional is handling these critical tasks provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your case.

Let Accurate Serve® Take the Worry Out of Process Service

If you’re in need of reliable process serving services in Duval, Clay, St. Johns, or Putnam counties, feel free to contact Accurate Serve® at (904) 735-7810 or send us a work request online. We are here to make your life easier by becoming your partner in the legal process.